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NestFresh’s second annual NestFresh Cares contest is happening now! Now through November 15, 2017, we invite you to nominate a charity or cause that demonstrates its genuine care for the community. One charity – voted on by consumers will win a $2,000 cash prize from NestFresh and the nominating consumer will win a year’s worth of NestFresh eggs.

We are so excited to host this program again to continue our sincere care for local communities, while also giving consumers a voice in advocating for those communities.

You can participate by visiting our Facebook page where you will see a NestFresh Care tab specifically for nominations. Upon submitting the charity or cause of their choice, you will be entered into the contest. Once the submission process comes to a close on November 15, a panel will choose the top submissions to be highlighted across NestFresh’s social media platforms. After the nominations process has closed, consumers will be asked to vote for the charity they believe should win the grand prize of $2,000 with the nominating consumer ultimately winning a year’s worth of NestFresh eggs.

We produce eggs with a conscience at NestFresh, which means that our eggs come from happy hens and are made for healthy humans. Everything we do is geared toward these two goals of providing a natural life for our hens while serving the folks in our community. NestFresh Cares allows us to further this very important mission while learning more about the ‘good eggs’ in our communities throughout the holiday and giving season.

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2 Responses to NestFresh Cares

  1. Vicky Yeretzian says:

    I nominate Project Books here in Santa Clarita, California. Marcia Decker runs this non profit. She takes discarded or unwanted books and finds new places to donate them. She takes donations from private parties and the library where I volunteer and they find new homes rather than being thrown away. She spends hours collecting and distributing books. Donations are given to local charities and to the local inmate library as well as to the veterans and other organizations that can use them. Several times a year at local events she gives away books for free. At one event I attended last summer she took 58 banker boxes of books to the event and gave away 54. Her tireless efforts keep books in the hands of people who can’t afford them. I believe she should receive such an award for her selflessness and dedication to books and getting them to those who want and need them. Thank you.

    • NestFresh says:

      Thank you so much for your sharing the story of this wonderful organization with us! We love hearing about these “good eggs” in the community.

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